Hertfordshire County Short Mat Bowling Association News story

Message from the Chair

01 Nov 2016

Dear All
First I apologise that I did not send out a summary of the last meeting. Here is the one from yesterdays meeting.
The new league has started well and teams are keeping scores close. It was decided that we would have a trophy for each division and medals for second place.
We now have 90 people registered with ESMBA which is well up on last year.
In the ICC, Darren felt we are doing well but we need to be more focused in the afternoon as that is when we seem to lose the points. It was suggested that we encourage people to go away from the hall and get a breath of fresh air at lunch time or eat their lunch in a different area from the hall. That teams could have lunch together to keep up team spirit.
Jill made a plea for more raffle prizes form the clubs. Margaret H asked Jill to provide decaf tea and coffee.
Alan asked if people who have not been picked for an ICC game are informed so they can make other pans if they want to . It was also decided that reserves would be asked to be markers for the singles games if they were not needed to play.
The question of putting mats away when other games are still in progress was brought up. It was agreed that we would not pack away before all games were finished as this was causing disruption and putting players off their game. Everyone would be asked to help clear up to  make the job quicker.
Jill was congratulated on being made Chairperson of Greenwood.
Well that's all the news for now.
See you soon
Best wishes