Hertfordshire County Short Mat Bowling Association - 2021 - 2022 CHAMPIONS

County Rankings for Season

Brian McGivern 52.10
Jeff Branch 44.00
Alan Spicer 42.90

County Singles Championship

Brian McGivern
Mark Spalding
Dennis Mack
Bill Gearing 

County Pairs Championship

Alan Hare and Martin Nash
Darren Stanford and Mike Hargreaves
Darren Brown and Mark Spalding
Jill and Robin Quarterman

County Over 55's Pairs Championship

Jeff Branch & Dennis Mack
Michael West & Malcolm Petrie
Brian McGivern & Alan Spicer
Julia Bruce & Trevor Knight

County Triples Championship

Alan Spicer, Martin Nash
Brian McGivern
Julia Bruce, Toni Gearing
Bill Gearing
Audrey Fowler, Dennis Mack
Brian Fowler
Tony Gayler, Jeff Branch
Jeanette Gayler

County Fours Championship

Brian McGivern, Alan Spicer
Martin Nash & Darren Brown
Alan Hare, Margaret Hare
Dennis Mack & Bev Stevenson
Paul Bruce, Julia Bruce
Ros Lewison & Trevor Knight
Jeanette Gayler, Tony Gayler
Jan Rogers & Jeff Branch

County Mixed 4's Championship

Linda Hawkins, Gerri Bignall
              Mike Hargreaves & Darren Stanford
Jeanette Gayler, Tony Gayler 
Jan Rodgers & Jeff Branch
Brian McGivern, Alan Spicer
Jen Waller & Denise Moores
Audrey Fowler, Robin Quaterman
Jill Quaterman & Brian Fowler