Hertfordshire County Short Mat Bowling Association News story

Barnet League - Week 10

18 Dec 2019

In the last matches of 2019 there was one 1st and two 2nd Division matches in the Barnet League last night. Two first division matches were postponed. 

Letchworth Dragons played Greenwood Peckers. In a tight match Dragons started well and had a small lead after 2 ends, Peckers then took 3 ends to take the lead. However, the Dragons then took a four and pulled it back to 8 all on the 8th end. The Dragons then took a second four and managed to stay just in front for the rest of a close game winning 14 shots to 13.

In the second division St Margaret’s Wizards played Harpenden Nightjars. Wizards took the first end but then lost the next 6 ends, although they took a few more ends through the match, they failed to recover and Nightjars won 17 – 9. In the other second division match it was a case of the top versus the bottom. The Shillington Red’s took the first end then the Black’s took the next two.  In all the Red’s took 7 ends and the Black’s took 8. However, going down for a five on end 10, the inevitable happened and Shillington Black won, reinforcing their strong position at the top of the table.  

Looking forward to the first week back on the 07th January 2020. 

Be aware that there are five league matches on the 07th, so only one mat will be available for a roll up. 

Wishing everybody in both divisions a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.