Hertfordshire County Short Mat Bowling Association News story

Barnet League - Week 18

25 Feb 2020

This week there were two 1st and two 2nd division matches in the Barnet League.  

Division 1

Letchworth Dragons played Cuffley Tonic. Dragons started well, taking five of the first six ends to go 8 – 2 up. Tonic then started a comeback, taking the next two ends for a two and three. Ends eight and nine were shared with one shot apiece. At end 10 Tonic had recovered their earlier losses and were only one shot behind. Dragons took a three to increase their lead to four. However, Tonic took the next three ends, to level the scores on end fourteen. Dragons then took the last end by two shots to win 14 – 12.

Cuffley Gin played Letchworth Lions. In the first four ends both teams took a single and a two. With the scores level going into end five, Gin went into the lead by taking a four. The next four ends were shared each team taking two singles apiece. At end nine Gin had a lead 9 – 5. Lions then fought back, taking the next five ends with two threes and three singles. With two ends to go Lions had the lead at 13 – 9. Gin took end 14 for a single and then took the last end for a three, to level the match at 13 all.

Division 2

Harpenden Owls played St Margaret’s Wizards. Owls started with two singles, Wizards replying with two singles and a two to go 4 – 2 up. Owls took the next three ends, then Wizards took end nine for a two to level the score at 6 all. Owls then took a three to take the lead, Of the next four ends Wizards only managed one single, whereas Owls took two singles and a three. Although Wizards took the last end for a single, the Owls won 14 – 8.

Shillington Red played Shillington White. Whites took the first two ends for singles, Reds replying with a three. However, Whites came straight back with a three of their own to regain the lead. Reds then took two singles and at end six it was level at five shots each. The next end saw Whites take a two, to which Reds replied with a single and a two to go 8 – 7 in the lead. Whites then took a four followed by a three. Although Reds took the next end for a two, Whites held on to their lead taking the last three ends to win 20 – 10.


A message from Margaret


If you are coming for a Roll Up, please be aware of the Mat availability.

DO come on March the 03rd as there will be three mats available for Roll Ups.

DON’T come on March the 10th for a Roll Up, as all mats are being used for catchup games. However, you will be most welcome if you want to come and watch.

For the remaining weeks of the league, 17th March to 07th April there will only be one mat available for roll ups.

From the 14th April onwards, all mats will be available as the league will be finished.